Cars & Valentines Day

A few weeks ago, I was driving on the interstate and hit tire retread and it managed to split my front bumper. I just had the opportunity to take it to get it repaired Friday before I went into work; so I have been driving Daniel’s car. To me this is a huge thing for a guy to trust his girl with his precious car. He drives a Volkswagen Jetta and let me just say that this car is the most annoying car on the planet. He put a muffler on it, I think that’s what it is called anyways. Its supposed to make the car louder, and aside from that he had subs which make the bass extremely loud. I’m not even kidding when I say the subs make my throat hurt from rattling everything so much. Aside from all the things I hate about it, I’m just thankful that he lets me use it while mine is in the shop. I would much rather have my car back though and hopefully I will get it back sometime this week! Tomorrow is Valentines day and I’m one of the sappy girls in this universe who gets excited about holidays like this one. I got myself a red/black dress and also got him a shirt to match. I’m beyond excited to see how cute we will look together.


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