Bauswell To Be

Valentines day did not go as I planned at all because of the stormy weather, but it was still unforgettable. It started off like any other day would; waking up and getting ready for school while Daniel gets up and gets ready for work, say our goodbyes and go on about our usual day. I get home from school around noon and he got off early so we could spend more of the day together. To make a long story short, he gave me my presents after I gave him his. I made him a little shadow box, bought him a shirt, candy and a card, nothing much. Then he had hid my presents in the closet. Let me just say, I’ve never felt so spoiled in my life. He even got me a dozen roses on top of everything else. On the card he got me he had wrote ” I am proud to call you my fiancee,” and of course then I knew what was fixing to happen. He got up off the couch and knelt down in front of me and popped the big question. It may not of been much, but I couldn’t of asked for it to be at a better time in our relationship. On top of the weather being as gross as it was, I’m happy it happened inside the comfort of our home. After we danced around the house without any music playing, being happy in love, we went and ate at western sizzlin and continued about our day. He wasn’t feeling good so we basically just slept the rest of the day honestly. To me though, I cant wait to sleep and dance to no music for the rest of my life. I’m more than happy with how we are and how far we have come. I’m officially a Bauswell to be.


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