Turned 20

February 22 was Daniel’s twentieth birthday; honestly feels like he shouldn’t be that old. I had a plan to get up early before he does and make him breakfast but, that didn’t happen so the day started off like any other. I had been planning his birthday out for some months now thinking of everything I was going to get him and when it came down to the day, I had only gotten him a handful of things that he actually asked for. I could have got him a box of candy and he would’ve been just as happy with me. I made him a cake and put twenty individual candles on it and a big 2 0 and lit them before he left work which was a mistake. I had to call him and tell him to hurry home because I caught part of the kitchen on fire. (the kitchen really wasn’t on fire I just needed him to hurry before it actually was). Once he got home and opened the door I was waiting at the top and threw balloons down on him and said “surprise” and the smile on his face was perfect as usual. He hurried up the stairs and seen the cake lit up and I told him he had to blow out the fire. I gave him his presents, which he was more than happy with and then we left and ate at Sumos, a place I told him I wanted to eat earlier in the week on a “me” day but he insisted on going for him instead. (we all know he picked there because I mentioned it earlier in the week though) But, that’s what I love about him most. He sacrifices such big and small things for other people, even on his birthday and is the most grateful person I have ever met. I pray to god I get to spend the rest of his birthdays with him.


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