This weekend wasn’t much fun honestly, if anything it really wore me out. I had to work Friday and Sunday, so Saturday was the only day me and Daniel really got a chance to do anything; but we did a lot in one day. I had to get the oil changed in my car in Conway, so of course we did that around noon and during this time I did not eat at all. In fact we didn’t eat until we got back to Russellville around 2:00 and all we had then was a 6 inch sub. This does not make out for a very nice girl.  We took my car back to the apartments and took his truck to Clinton in order to pick up his old four wheeler from his parents house and spend time with his little step sister for her birthday. After all of that, the snow started to come down in Clinton so we didn’t get to stay long. I can’t remember what time we left I just remember I slept all the way home. That’s one of the perks of having a guy, he can drive and you can sleep. I’m pretty sure that we ate at Ruby Tuesdays when we did get back to Russellville, their biscuits are my favorite and I think Daniel likes to eat there too. Even if he doesn’t, we still eat there often because he knows how much I like it. By the way, that’s a picture of the big 9 year old, Kimberlee.


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