Friday night I came up with an idea of what to do for the weekend considering its spring break. Around 5:00 I asked him how he felt about driving to Pigeon Forge, TN; to my surprise he agreed. So we packed up a couple outfits and essentials including our guinea pig and everything he would need (food) and left for my moms house, who lives in Clinton. We got there and dropped our pet off after visiting for a few minutes and headed to TN. Several pit stops were made along the way and I managed to stay awake for basically the whole ride, all together it took about nine hours. It was storming for over half of the ride so of course the roads were dangerous… The one time I decided to take a nap was about 100 miles away from our destination and I woke up to Daniel yelling “oh my god” and jumping up in my seat to see the tail lights of a semi way to close for comfort. I quick closed my eyes and turned away from the road and grabbed onto his arm and instantly felt out of my body, I didn’t even have one single thought. Apparently he lost control of the vehicle and started on one side of the interstate and sliding back and forth to the opposite lanes. I will never understand how I managed to sleep through most of it, but I did. I don’t care what anyone might say I know we didn’t wreck because God was watching out for us. Needless to say I stayed awake for the remainder of the stormy trip and held onto his arm as well. We weren’t able to check into a hotel until 10:00 and lucky us got there at like five in the morning so we took a few naps in the car until check in time. After we were able to check in we freshened up and on we went to Ripley’s aquarium (the main reason I wanted to go to TN in the first place.) I had been there once when I was younger and it was still just as cool as the first time I went. That was basically the highlights of the trip though unless you would want to count sleep deprivation as being one as well. We only stayed one night and got home Sunday around 8:00 because Daniel doesn’t get a real spring break, I guess that’s what it is like to have a real job though. I’m forever grateful to have him and to be able to take such spur of the moment, unforgettable trips as well. Next weekend we are supposed to go to Branson, MO. Hopefully the ride there will be safer.


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