not feeling myself

I get that every once in a while its normal to feel stressed out but these past few weeks have been beyond the amount I’m capable of handling. All through out high school I was not allowed to go hang with my friends or go out on dates; I had to invite my friends over to my house and have them gone by night and dating just became something I would fantasize about. The way I’m feeling lately is too much to sum up into one blog post. All I know is that I’m beyond ready to finish this semester. With finals coming up, and my sister coming to visit from South Korea, the constant fighting in my house, and the drama that never ended when I left high school; I really don’t see how people manage their life’s so easily sometimes. I’m really going to try my hardest to finish this semester out strong, it’ll take a miracle. I’m going to try and use these tips to help me with my stress. I feel like I’m probably not the only one who could use them.  The picture above of Taylor Swift is how I have felt the past few weeks… Oh the joys of growing up!


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