Summer Around the Corner

The fact that there is only a week left of college is beyond exciting to me. Regardless of the fact that I still have one more semester after this one, I’m still ready to be done. I feel like the longer a person stays in a routine of doing something, college especially, the more tiring […]

not feeling myself

I get that every once in a while its normal to feel stressed out but these past few weeks have been beyond the amount I’m capable of handling. All through out high school I was not allowed to go hang with my friends or go out on dates; I had to invite my friends over […]

what a weekend

Well, where to start. I somehow managed to get my entire weekend off from work. Friday night Daniel and I went on a double date with one of Daniel’s friends from high school and a girl he had just started dating. We went out to eat and then decided to go bowling until midnight. Needless […]


The weekend before Daniel and I went to TN, this weekend we were given the opportunity to go to Branson for practically free. ¬†Daniel’s mom and stepdad were able to get a condo for barely any money because of some offer they did with a company trying to sell time shares. We all went to […]


Friday night I came up with an idea of what to do for the weekend considering its spring break. Around 5:00 I asked him how he felt about driving to Pigeon Forge, TN; to my surprise he agreed. So we packed up a couple outfits and essentials including our guinea pig and everything he would […]


This weekend wasn’t much fun honestly, if anything it really wore me out. I had to work Friday and Sunday, so Saturday was the only day me and Daniel really got a chance to do anything; but we did a lot in one day. I had to get the oil changed in my car in […]


Basically every weekend me and Daniel go somewhere and do something together; this weekend we made a trip to Clinton and got his taxes filed at Liberty Tax. I learned how expensive it truly is to ¬†get your taxes done but luckily they had a special going on. If one wanted to buy dog food […]